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North East Texas Oil and Gas Field Injury Attorneys

Oil Work Injury in Longview, Kilgore, Gladewater and Tyler

The East Texas Oil Field stretches across 45 miles and in five counties, including parts of Cherokee County, Gregg County, Rusk County, Upshur County and Smith County. Oil and gas workers from Gladewater, Kilgore, Longview, Tyler and other Texas towns and cities flock to the oil fields to make their living.

The jobs and opportunities the oil and gas industry provides to hardworking Texans should not be underestimated. On the other hand, the industry should never underestimate the men and women who work as roughnecks, tool pushers, drillers, refinery workers and in other jobs that make these benefits possible.

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Our Longview Lawyers Understand Oil Drilling Accident Injuries and Those From Other Accidents in Oil Fields

At Goudarzi & Young, L.L.P., in Gilmer, Texas, our aggressive and competent oil field injury attorneys have seen the kinds of injuries that can happen in the oil and gas industry, including:

  • Blast injuries caused by fuel explosions
  • Burns from oil and gas fires
  • Impact injuries caused by moving equipment and rigging
  • Falls from equipment and storage structures
  • Chemical exposures during the refining process

When oil workers are injured on the job, it is not always just a workers' comp matter. Serious oil field injuries caused by employer negligence can destroy lives and families, and require serious compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Despite the vast sums oil companies earn, they often fail to invest in basic safety measures that could save a worker's life and limb. That is wrong.

Drilling Accident Liability in Longview, Kilgore, Gladewater and Tyler

Figuring out just who is liable for an oil or gas field injury can be complicated.

Several companies may work on a single well. An employee of one company might do something negligent that injures an employee of a second company. The drilling site might be owned by a third company. The equipment might be owned by the fourth company.

At Goudarzi & Young, L.L.P., figuring out who to sue is a big part of what we do. Once we understand your situation and who is responsible for your oil field injuries, we can go after them with aggression and tenacity.

"We've proven time and time again that we will challenge negligent corporations and insurance companies at courthouses all over North East Texas." — Attorney Marty Young

Goudarzi & Young Oil Field Lawyers Serving Tyler and the Surrounding Communities — Tenacity, Experience, Aggression and Results

Our North East Texas oil and gas field injury lawyers have years of experience in pursuing claims against the oil and gas industry, and their insurers, on behalf of wrongfully injured workers and their families. We can represent you, whether you were injured in a drilling accident, burned in a refinery explosion or crushed under heavy equipment.

Hire our Longview oil drilling accident attorneys, and we will thoroughly investigate the situation surrounding your injuries. There is no risk to you, because we earn our money on a contingency basis, meaning if we don't win, you don't pay.

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