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Causes of 18-Wheeler Accidents in North East Texas

The causes of 18-wheeler accidents in North East Texas are important to determine so that each negligent party or parties may be held liable for the severe injuries or death suffered by the truck accident victims.

Our aggressive and effective personal injury lawyers will persistently pursue all parties whose negligence led to the accident in which you were injured. Contact us by e-mail or by calling 903-843-2544 or 800-256-5169 toll free today.

Longview Attorneys Protecting Semitruck Accident Victims

At Goudarzi & Young, L.L.P., in Gilmer, Texas, it is our goal to gain a full understanding of what led to the truck accident in which you were severely injured or in which you lost a loved one.

To gather the necessary information, we conduct a thorough investigation that includes visiting the accident site, identifying and interviewing witnesses and working closely with accident reconstruction specialists and other relevant experts.

A semitruck accident could have many causes, including:

  • Driver error or inattention
  • Driver fatigue, caused by self-induced or company-enforced time restraints that limited sleep
  • Intoxication
  • Inadequate maintenance or repair of vehicles or equipment
  • Defective or dangerous tires or other parts
  • Negligent hiring or training procedures
  • Improperly secured or unbalanced loads
  • Poorly designed or neglected highways

Regardless of who or what caused the accident, we will pursue the maximum settlement possible from each negligent party.

Tyler, Texas, Attorneys

Were you injured on a North Texas highway? Did you lose a family member to a fatal truck accident? Call Goudarzi & Young at 903-843-2544/800-256-5169 toll free, or contact us online, for a consultation with a Longview semitruck accident lawyer who is not afraid to work and who will not back down.

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