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Longview Burn Injury Lawyer

Our Attorneys Can Help After a Fire

A fire can destroy a life in moments. Homes, businesses, property and people can be damaged permanently and profoundly, without warning and leaving little time for people to react.

The best way to fight a fire and its consequences is to avoid the fire in the first place. When disaster strikes, however, a seasoned attorney may be your best route to financial recovery from situations, including:

  • Burns and smoke inhalation in house fires
  • Blast injuries caused by improper fuel storage
  • Burns from oil and gas fires
  • Gas-can explosions
  • 18-wheeler collision explosions and fires
  • Chemical burns from a manufacturing or refining process
  • Fires caused by defective electrical appliances

At Goudarzi & Young, L.L.P., in Gilmer, Texas, we make personal injury our business. If you or someone you love was injured or killed in a fire or explosion of any kind in North East Texas, we have the experience and network of expert resources to help prove your claims in court.

For a free initial consultation with a tenacious and determined Longview burn injury attorney, contact us online or by calling 903-843-2544 or 800-256-5169 toll free.

Gas Can Burn Injuries ♦ Appliance Fire Defects

Fires don't just happen by themselves. Usually, some sort of negligence precedes a fire by moments, days or weeks. Product defects, improper storage of chemicals or poor building maintenance are just some of the factors that can contribute to disfiguring and deadly fires.

We do not accept excuses for our clients' injuries. We work tirelessly to determine who is at fault and how, no matter if the cause was:

  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Defective electrical appliances that cause fires
  • Improperly constructed fuel containers such as gas cans
  • Improper storage of dangerous or flammable chemicals
  • Improper maintenance of a building, including lack of fire alarms, sprinklers or flame-retardant insulation

Once we have convincingly determined liability, we take negligent parties to court and win.

Call Our East Texas House Fire and Chemical Explosion Lawyers

Our East Texas house fire and chemical explosion attorneys have tried personal injury law cases throughout North East Texas. Year in and year out, our law firm tries personal injury lawsuits all over North East Texas.

For more information, or to discuss your situation with an aggressive burn injury lawyer, call us at 903-843-2544/800-256-5169 toll free.

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